20 Jun -

SEMINAR – Lil’ Fi – Sing don’t scream – intentional teaching with music

Lil’ Fi sing don’t scream, intentional teaching with music. The science the practicality. An interactive and immediately applicable workshop. Top shelf.

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16 Mar -

CANCELLED UNTIL JUNE 15th – SEMINAR – Sing don’t scream – intentional teaching with music

BAD NEWS…..This seminar is CANCELLED for the 16th March and rebooked for the 15th JUNE ! – It looks like there are too many seminars on this weekend. So….I’ve made the call and decided to cancel. I’m sorry for the […]

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4 Feb -

Rosellas community preschool – 1.30

Every Monday afternoon I’m at the Rosellas community preschool in Murwillumbah, it’s a terrific centre and every child gets to have a music lesson. It’s loads of fun and we have our very own room with air con to play […]

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