FAQ’s What is different about Lil’ Fi – Sing don’t scream?

Our program is written around the EYLF, it supports your programming and checks off the goals that Early years educators are required to complete. See below for summary of each term.

We have songs written specifically with age appropriate goals. We mentor your staff through daily zoom lessons or seminars keeping them inspired and encouraged to teach intentionally with music. With an exceptional music program comes experience and Lil’ Fi has many years of education and early years music training to draw upon and keep your staff and children being musically educated.

Lil Fi delivers more than just “karaoke” in your centres. Helping to achieve the goals for each age group and support parents and educators with a free online library of hand crafted songs on youtube. Lil Fi – musician, look at the playlist for “early years music”.

NDIS plan approved families are taking advantage of Lil’ Fi’s years of experience and she is now a firm favourite for “Shaping Outcomes” and a “Go to” for all special needs music education. Not a music therapist, but her music is therapeutic.

We have developed a system of teaching that is revolutionary and gets results.

“The education level in the northern rivers area has increased markedly since Lil’ Fi started her program 7 years ago. We now have children starting music lessons and having to go up 3 grades when they start at Kindy” (Tara – Opera singer/music teacher)

Exceptional music program that is so much more than just music ! – (Northern Rivers community preschool network)

Lil’ Fi has instruments, props and songs keeping the program fresh and exciting for everyone. A general guide to the terms is below. When you book your centre you will receive signage that you can display for having professional music lessons in your centre, weekly and per term notes for documentation support.

TERM 1 – season, Summer/Autumn – focus – nursery rhymes program, behavioural songs introduced.

TERM 2 – Autumn-Winter – International/cultural program, 12 languages explored.

TERM 3 – Winter- Spring – Hand clapping, crossing the midline for neural development. Animals of the world, songs and seasons reviewed and expanded.

TERM 4 – Spring – Summer – Seasonal songs and reviews of the years lessons including lots of cross merdian stimulation for neural development.

All lessons are taught visually, aurally and kinesthetically, focusing on cross merdian stimulation through music, joy and movement.

Quality props are used and sourced ethically through fair trade.

Each lesson is roughly 30 minutes.

Prices upon application.

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