Christmas singing it’s Carols time

Christmas singing it’s Carols time

Christmas singing it’s Carols time

What a great time of year. I LOVE CHRISTMAS, people get together and sing en masse, it’s the one time of the year we do this, and I LOVE IT!

There is only one event that I do publicly anymore and that is the Carols at the park at Currumbin – the pirate park. 17th December at 4pm. This is put on by the beachside church from Palm Beach and I have invited a couple of my students and an old friend to join me to sing and woop it up for JESUS ! Super excited to be gathering together with friends and family. I know that it was probably not Jesus’ real birthday, the Pagans confused it back in Constantines day, but it’s become a public time when all the qualities that He has brought to our society and our lives becomes the focus. My mission statement is from Galatians 5:22

LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS AND GOODNESS, GENTLENESS, FAITHFULLNESS AND SELF CONTROL, these are the fruits of the Holy Spirit and all qualities I like to bring to my classes and all the people and children that I work with, Have a very Merry Christmas everyone who has supported our business and been a big part of our lives. All the families, all the children and all the wonderful educators who have lived and loved to sing and don’t scream with us over the year. Have a great holiday and I’ll see you all again in 2020. Hallelujah !

Merry Christmas and happy 2020



Early years music specialist teaching children in family day cares and homeschooling all over Australia daily. Endorsed by the best in the industry including Maggie Dent, Dr Louise Porter, Sandi Phoenix, Victoria Edmonds and FDC educators Australia wide. Lil' Fi is an award winning musician - 5 times best female vocalist at The Australian Blues Music Awards. 8 independent Albums, 25 years as a touring artist, featured on most folk and blues festivals from counting in the NYE 17 times at Woodford Folk Festival to being one of the first women on the East Coast Blues Festival in 1992. 11 years in the Early Years - educating educators on intentional teaching with music and how to play the ukulele. Having taught up to 1000 children per week in person and specialising in Special needs and Autism. Lil' Fi loves sharing her musical knowledge and inspiring others to SING AND DON'T SCREAM.

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