TERM 2 2020 Music Zoom lessons

TERM 2 2020 Music Zoom lessons

TERM 2 2020 Music Zoom lessons

The music lessons will now be online! The 10.30 session is just the best fun. Your centre, family day care or even if it’s a private lesson at home, there’s a price for you that is affordable. When you sign up you will receive a printable sheet unpacking the lesson plans for term 2 – supporting your programming notes and ticking all the EYLF boxes. I will be doing a series of zoom seminars later in the year too so stay tuned to all of these exciting adventures.

Thank you for your continued support and if you’re new then WELCOME so glad you can join us.

Email me for registration and I’ll send you an invoice.

Covid 19 shutdowns have launched me onto the global stage and I’m delighted to say, share, share and share again people. Have a great day !

X Lil’ Fi



Lil' Fi is an award winning musician - 5 times best vocalist Australian Blues Music - Chain awards, over 8 albums and after a near death (or Near "life") experience where she met the maker of the universe - GOD she is now a disciple of Jesus Christ, Spirit Filled and singing the gospel. She sings and teaches over 800 children in the early years setting and inspires and encourages the Early Years and OOSH educators of Australia to think and teach intentionally with music and joy. Having experienced what it feels like to loose her speech and ability to write after an acquired brain injury - Lil' Fi had a miraculous recovery and can't keep the joy inside. It's contagious and wonderful.

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