Hi everyone, well having a global pandemic try and shut down our world gets us all thinking differently. I for one get creative! So I’ve decided to go in the world of ‘WEBINARS” using the Zoom platform. For this term I am doing free lessons for all the centres that I currently work with and any interested parents that would like to join this exciting new way of doing my music lessons.

CONTACT ME if you are interested and I’ll send you the link – I’m still learning how to do it a bit, so please be patient. I’ll get there.

At 10.30 each day (NSW time) I am doing a music lesson for 3-5yrs

and then again at 3pm (NSW time) I have a babies to 2yrs lesson

Please let your friends know and lets see if we can spread some contagious joy and music fun into our Childrens lives.

My music program is more than just Karaoke it is written around the EYLF and this term it focuses on Nursery Rhymes and behaviour songs I’ve written specifically for these age groups. I am also doing some relaxation songs to help deal with the extra pressure of life. Next term we are looking at cultural songs and we have over 12 languages to sing ! That’s exciting ! Stay lovely. x Lil’ Fi



Lil' Fi is an award winning musician - 5 times best vocalist Australian Blues Music - Chain awards, over 8 albums and after a near death (or Near "life") experience where she met the maker of the universe - GOD she is now a disciple of Jesus Christ, Spirit Filled and singing the gospel. She sings and teaches over 800 children in the early years setting and inspires and encourages the Early Years and OOSH educators of Australia to think and teach intentionally with music and joy. Having experienced what it feels like to loose her speech and ability to write after an acquired brain injury - Lil' Fi had a miraculous recovery and can't keep the joy inside. It's contagious and wonderful.

© Lil Fi